Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our Bead Fest #4 Chocolate & Cherries deadline is October 31st. However, I saw this entry and couldn't resist showing it to you. Click link above.

Sorry, I haven't blogged for quite awhile. We finished cruising the inside passage. After Haines, we went to Skagway and took the White Pass & Yukon Railway ride which was so much fun. Skagway had a four cruise ships in so there were many tourists. After Skagway, we cruised to Sitka and it was rain all day for a few days. Once the rain stopped, we went to town and shopped for some Christmas presents. Our taxi driver took us around town to show us the history of Sitka. Sitka used to be the capital and it was in Sitka that the USA purchased Alaska from the Russian's. Some wonderful history! We're presently are in Ketchikan, AK heading south to Anacortes, WA. Some of you may already know but a week ago Thursday, we got caught in a gale in Frederick Sound. Wind 92 (gusts over 100) and 35 foot waves. We had sea water going over the top of our flybridge and pouring in on top of us, the bilge alarms going off, the sea water fried my husband's HP computer, there were a few things torn-off the boat, sea water in the front stateroom, broken dishes, everything flown on the floor, and a capsized dingy. The waves were so strong that it was pushing us and the boat was going in circles. Luckily we finally got to Kake and two fishermen helped us tie-up. But shortly after they left, the wind actually got stronger. My hubby and I ended up getting sick at that point. The human body can only take so much. Our boat took a pounding but handled wonderfully considering the circumstances. John and a motor mechanic worked on the outboard motor for four days before it would start again. We've been through the ringer, but we're so happy to be alive! We were going to leave Ketchikan today but there's gale winds in Dixson Passage. That's an open ocean area we have to pass through to enter Canadian waters. Tomorrow afternoon the wind is supposed to decrease to 15 so we're going to try to get through then. If not, we won't be able to pass through until Thursday or Friday of next week as the winds pick back up to over 40 for three days. Say a prayer for us!  I don't care to cruise in rough waters ever again! :-)