Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lord have mercy! I haven't blogged for an extremely long time, but I didn't think I skipped an entire year. 2013 is a blank page of my life. So I'm going to post some things that happened in 2013.
1.  Spent all 2013 summer trying to bring life to our 3/4 acre residential lot. The severe drought caused 4 bushes and 6 trees to die. I've replaced the 4 bushes but 2 of them died as well. So I'm hopeful that I can replant 2 more bushes that will survive this summer. As I'm writing this, it was 114 degrees outside today. Ugh!
2.  I had an extreme allergic reaction to a medication that put me in the ER and 4 cat scans. I ended up diagnosing myself. I had all the side effect symptoms of a drug gone rogue in my body. Took about 3 months to recover. I ended up cancelling all my teaching appointments during this time. Ouch!
3. I made a beautiful white & azure blue cuff that I call "Montana Wild" and I participated in my first 2013 Battle of the Beadsmith and made a gorgeous "Kaleidoscope" necklace. It's loaded with crystals, and I loved it! But I was blowned out of the water in the first round. But I was determined to try again if given the chance.
4. My "Red Queen" bead embroidery necklace won in the 2013 Seed Bead Competition as a Finalist.
5. John & I both got the flu. Ha! I'm sure you didn't want to hear about that. LOL But we were so proud of ourselves because we hadn't had the flu in a very long time. John is a retired senior pastor for The United Methodist Church. He's no longer active but still performs funerals. So we knew where he picked up the flu from and brought it home. Hey, I'd rather he bring home flowers. Smile.....
6. Christmas with my family was SO much fun!

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